From disconnected and stuck to reignited and excited about what the future holds

Meet Lindsey, an American UX Designer living in Munich. She’s also a mom of two, an adventurous spirit and a community builder. We worked together 1-1 for 6 months between 2020 – 2021.

The Challenge

Prior to coaching I didn’t have a clear and confident view of what my own passions and values were. This made me feel stuck without an idea of my path forward. I wanted to make a career change but my ideas were all over the place and I didn’t know how to take a step forward. On top of that I was overwhelmed with being a mother to two small children and was losing my identity in taking care of others. 

“My confidence was low and I felt like I was becoming completely disconnected from my true self. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough and at the same time felt guilty if I took time for myself.”

"I thought I would leave coaching with a new career path defined for me. Instead I left with something far more valuable."

The Transformation

Since being coached I am much closer to being able to say confidently that I know who I am. While I do believe it is ever evolving, there are some core values that were hiding in the background that I have finally defined. Having those values defined makes it much easier to make decisions because if an opportunity doesn’t align with my values I can move on to something else. 

I thought I would leave coaching with a new career path defined for me. Instead I left with something far more valuable. The new information I have learned about myself is something I can use in many more areas of my life. It now shapes the way I approach not only my career, but my family, my friendships, and how I care for myself.

The Results

Fulfilled Values

I took a solo trip away from my baby for the first time and rekindled my love of adventure. I was able to do this with minimal guilt (it’s a process!) and came back realizing that my career path doesn’t necessarily need to involve adventure if I can fulfill that need regularly outside of my job. This was a big a-ha moment as I was previously set on the idea that I wanted an adventurous job.

Money Mindset

I overcame some issues I have surrounding finances and spending money on myself without feeling guilt. One of these things was spending money on a tattoo I’ve wanted for many years. I felt it was frivolous and unnecessary…and yet, I still wanted it. After working through this I realized there was an immense amount of value in the tattoo for me and that allowed me to give myself permission to have something that I wanted.

Career Direction

After figuring out my core values I was able to go through a list of business ideas I had and choose one that excited me and aligned with these values to begin working on. In the course of a month I did more than I imagined I would. And regardless if this business idea goes anywhere, the most important thing I learned is how tiny steps quickly build momentum in something and you are able to learn and test ideas at a rapid pace in this way. Instead of just thinking about something now and trying to figure out how it could end, I know I should just get started working on it because I can have answers much faster than I previously thought.

Physical Health & Community

I made a commitment to my fitness and organized a workout group with other women to meet up a few times a week. We built a small community together.

Personal Growth

I made a commitment to learning German and managed to use the baby’s nap times to take private lessons. I asked my neighbors to stop talking to me in English and for the first time I had a very deep and meaningful conversation with my in-laws in German.


As someone who is very frugal and has a hard time spending money on herself, I am so grateful that I made the decision to do the coaching. I never expected how much my life would change in 6 months. I initially wanted to focus on one area of my life but I feel a holistic shift has taken place. I am a wholly different person than I was during my first call with Elizabeth. 

"I feel like I know who I am again.
I was lost for awhile in the chaos of having and raising children, but I feel reignited and am excited about what the future holds."

Still on the fence about whether you should try coaching?

Here's What Lindsey Has to Say:

If you find a coach that is the right fit for you, and you are willing to put in the work, it is worth the investment. Don’t expect answers to be handed to you, it’s a lot of hard, soul-searching work that you have to put in. But you will have the most amazing, supportive, and encouraging cheerleader and coach to motivate you and give you the tools so that you can continue along on your own. It is truly a transformative experience!

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