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Ignite your confidence

A 4-week group coaching programme for students

Discover your unique strengths, learn how to communicate boldly and establish a success mindset.

This is about finding yourself again

You have a good education, you’re skilled and you even have some good experience under your belt, but while you’ve been focussed on your studies, the confidence you used to have has gotten lost somewhere on the way. Now, as you prepare to take the first step in your career, instead of feeling excited, you’re afraid, confused, and full of self-doubt. If only someone could guide you in the right direction and ignite your confidence again!


Ignite Your Confidence

A 4-week group coaching programme for students who want to discover their unique strengths, learn how to communicate boldly and establish a success mindset. 

A programme designed for students

This programme is for students and will be a good fit for your if you are:

  • A female student in your final year of study, about to make the transition into the workplace
  • Lacking confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Unsure of your personal values and strengths and how to communicate them
  • Afraid of making the wrong decisions, being rejected, and not achieving your true potential

With the guidance of a coach over 4 weeks you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and what drives you
  • Discover your core strengths and how to communicate them 
  • Learn how to cultivate self-confidence and enhance your resilience

The Details

This is a group coaching programme with a limited number of places available. Places are limited because my goal is to ensure that you get the attention you need to produce the results you want. 

  • We will meet on Tuesday evenings 19:30 – 21:00 CET starting Tuesday 5th October and ending on Tuesday 26th October.

The programme will take place on Zoom. 

Week 1: Course Kick-Off

This week we’ll lay the foundations for a fruitful coaching relationship. We’ll explore the key challenges you are facing in regards to confidence and you’ll set goals for your personal development for the programme and beyond. We’ll also have a chance to get to know each other better!

Week 2: Connect With Your Authentic Confidence

What happened to your confidence and how can you reconnect with it? This week is all about slowing down and taking time to reconnect with who you are, your core values and personal strengths; the building blocks upon which your confidence sits.

Week 3: Communicate Boldly

How can you project confidence? How do you ask for what you want? How can you stop giving away your power? This week you’ll explore the answers to these questions and discover how you can consistently show up and speak up with confidence.

Week 4: Cultivate Confidence

You’re feeling confident now, but what about when you’re stressed, or you receive negative feedback from your boss? You know how your confidence can take a sudden nose dive in those situations. This week you’ll learn how to respond to criticism and discover techniques to boost your resilience so that you can overcome set-backs faster. 

You Will Get

Weekly Meetings

1.5 hours long for 4 weeks to keep you on track and accountable

Intimate Groups

of 4-6 women who are also working on their personal development

Comprehensive Material

to support you as you work on building your confidence

Guidance by a Certified Coach

dedicated to supporting your growth

What Past Participants Say

I'm ready to Ignite My Confidence!

Great, now choose your package:

Standard Package

Ignite Your Confidence
  • 4 Sessions 90 mins each
  • Tools & Resources to Support your Growth

VIP Package

Ignite Your Confidence
  • 4 Sessions 90 mins each
  • Tools & Resources to Support your Growth
  • 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session to Work on Your confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

Like 1-1 coaching but with a group of 4-6 other women working on similar self development goals. During the sessions I will guide you through exercises and ask questions to deepen your learning and understanding of yourself. You’ll not only learn by me coaching you directly, but also through witnessing others being coached.

Here’s what a previous participant said about the experience:

“Although group coaching might seem odd it in the beginning, it really isn’t as all members of the group are at the same crossroads of discovering themselves and the support you can get from similar minded people is not only validating your experience but also provides you with a support group that is also able to hold you accountable.”

Each week we will meet for 90 minutes as a group for our group coaching sessions. There will also be tasks for you to complete between sessions to further your growth. You get out what you put in with these tasks. I recommend allocating 2-3 hours for these.

No, these are live coaching sessions and to respect the confidentiality of all participants, sessions will not be recorded. 

This depends on the level of interest. If you know you really can’t make these sessions but would like to express your interest in participating in the future, click here to be added to the waitlist and be first to hear about upcoming programs.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth

I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPCC, ACC) and I’m passionate about empowering  women like you appreciate your value, and feel confident about who you are and what you do, so you can be seen, be heard, achieve your goals and lead authentically.

I’m leading this programme because I remember vividly what it felt like to be in the final year of my degree, and how under-confident I felt about taking my first steps into the real world. I was full of self doubt, fear and uncertainty. I wish I had had a coach by my side to guide me and remind me of who I was, what I was good at and how to achieve what I wanted. 


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