How To Get Comfortable With Power

Power is a word that generates an incredibly strong and often negative reaction from the women I work with. And yet, when asked to stand in their truth and describe who they are, they usually say powerful.

So where’s the disconnect? If being powerful is part of our essence, why are so many of us afraid to embrace power?

  • Is it because we’ve been brought up with the belief that power is bad, that it will corrupt us, that it will harm us and the people we care about?
  • Is it because we fear the responsibility that power brings?
  • Is it because we believe power might be at odds with what it means to be a woman?

For whatever reason we find ourselves shying away from power, it’s time for us to challenge those beliefs. 

  • If  you want to feel comfortable in leadership you need to learn to embrace your power. 
  • You need to rebuild your relationship with power, especially your beliefs around it. 
  • You need to embody it so that you can stand tall, knowing that you are leading authentically.
  • You need to create awareness of the positive impact that using your power can have on organizations, the people you lead, and society.

How can you re-define that relationship?

  1. Understand your relationship with power: What emerges for you when you think about power? Who or what formed your understanding of what power is? What preconceived beliefs do you hold?
  2. Re-define what power is for you: Explore what it means for you to be powerful and what would be possible if you owned your power. Consider the different types of power (subtle, soft, forceful, tyrannical…) and choose the elements that align best with your values.
  3. Collect role models: Find examples of powerful leaders that inspire you. Learn about the impact they have had in their work. 
  4. Accept responsibility and take ownership at work: Whether it’s a project, a team, a task or a resource, accept responsibility for it and practice showing up in your full power.

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