Confidence Coach
for Women in Tech

Take your next step without the uncertainty and self-doubt

I help you discover what’s next for you in your life & career, and empower you to take that step with confidence.

I specialise in helping you to:

Unlock Your
Authentic Leadership Potential

Together, we’ll navigate the challenges you face in your career, harness your unique strengths and values, empowering you to lead with confidence, integrity, and innovation.

Build Unwavering Confidence

Together we’ll explore what’s holding you back from career success and implement strategies that allow you to thrive in your career and make a lasting impact.

Prioritize Wellbeing and
Prevent Burnout

Together, we’ll develop strategies to manage stress, set boundaries, and cultivate resilience, ensuring you can sustainably navigate your career with vitality and purpose.

My coaching programmes
empower you to embody
Confidence from within

It’s not just about projecting confidence.

It’s about cultivating an unwavering sense of confidence that resonates deep within your core.

It’s about radiating authenticity and strength with every ounce of your being. 

It’s about embodying your true self unapologetically in every situation, no matter what.

Reject the mindset of ‘fake it till you make it’. This thinking only gets you so far and often just fuels the fire of self-doubt. It’s a cover up, initially well meant, which ends up keeping the real you hidden.

The burden of assuming a false identity, of concealing your genuine essence, is draining, and a path that leads inevitably to burnout.

Through my coaching programmes I offer a guiding hand to peel away the layers of self-doubt, to commence a journey of self-renewal. Together we’ll explore the brilliance within you, refining your ability to exude confidence authentically, and we’ll build your resilience to navigate the challenges of your career with unwavering control.

Are you ready to start your journey to feeling more calm, confident and authentic?

How incredible would it feel to finally
embrace your true self
with unwavering confidence?

So how does it work?

Book a discovery call

Book a complimentary discovery call to explore if coaching is the right path for you to achieve your goals. 

Get coached

Over 12 sessions we’ll explore what’s next for you, what’s holding you back, unlock your inner strength and establish a success mindset.

Achieve your goals

You will walk away with tools and strategies to help you achieve your goals and stay motivated towards them.

What my clients say

Did I mention there's more?


Need a confidence boost? Check out my free tools, resources, events and community all designed to support and empower you to be your most authentic confident self.

Ignite Your Confidence!

Grow with the support and encouragement of other women in my 4-week group coaching programme that will help you discover your unique strengths, learn how to communicate boldly and establish a success mindset.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth

Women’s Empowerment Warrior and Certified Professional Coach.

I’m passionate about helping women like you appreciate your value, and feel confident about who you are and what you do, so you can be seen, be heard, achieve your goals and lead authentically. 

Why? Because I want to see more women pursuing careers in tech, influencing decisions, designing more inclusive products and shaping our future.

What else should you know about me? Probably that i’m the biggest extroverted introvert you’ll ever meet which means I love meeting new people but I prefer to ask questions that get you talking and then listen intently. 


+49 017634328499

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